Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides information about the collection, storage, processing and use of your personal information.

The company, “INTEGRATED AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE” (hereinafter referred to as ECOMOBILO) based in Akrotiri, Chania, tel. 2821063409, e-mail address info@ecomobilo.com, acting as Processing Manager, collects, stores, uses and generally processes your personal data.

What are personal data?

The term “personal data” refers to natural person’s information, such as anonymity, postal address, e-mail address, telephone communication, etc. that Identify or could identify yourself, hereafter referred to as “personal data or data”.

What is Personal Data Processing?

Any transaction or set of operations carried out with or without the use of automated means in personal data or in sets of personal data such as collection, registration, organization, structure, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, search for information, use and disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, limitation, erasure or destruction.

Which Data Do We Collect?

We take care to collect only data that is strictly necessary to serve the purpose for which it was given and used solely for the purposes for which it was collected. Except for any Data Collected by Cookies (see more Cookies Policy here), Data is limited to what you have provided explicitly for a specific purpose and provided you have given your consent. We also collect Data upon your visit to our site and, if you have consented to this, a consent which is presumed by completing the respective fields.

  • Identity data such as name, surname, father’s name, date of birth, driving license, ID number, ID number.
  • Product communications / shipping data, such as postal address, e-mail, telephone number.
  • Payment details such as credit / debit card number, PayPal, bank account number.
  • Identification information, such as username, IP address

How do we use your Data?

Your Data is processed either by our Company’s authorized personnel, or through our IT systems and electronic devices, and exceptionally by third parties, who are contractually bound to our Company for confidentiality and protect your Data, process it solely for the purposes for which we have been provided.

In general, your Data is being processed to provide you with the following services:

  • Bidding: The Company processes your Data to bid for the short or long term rental of a car.
  • Car Hire: The Company processes your Data in order to fulfill its contractual relationship with you, such as hiring cars, providing servicing (such as maintenance, bodywork, repair, vehicle replacement, etc.), complying with legal obligations, refuting, raising or exercise legal requirements.
  • Car Purchase: The Company processes your Data to complete the purchase of second-hand cars.
  • Compliance with applicable law: The Company processes your Data in order to be able to meet its legal obligations, in particular related to compliance with Tax and Insurance legislation or vehicle insurance coverage deriving from an active insurance contract.
  • Creating a User Account: The Company processes your Data in order to provide you with account functions and to facilitate the conclusion of a lease or purchase of products and / or services.
  • Newsletter: The Company offers you the option to choose to be informed at your e-mail address about promotional / promotional activities of the Company (eg for new products and / or services available on the market , any offers, operation of new car rental stations, tourist agents, etc.).
  • Site Information Services: The Company provides information services to its customers.
  • Privileges Programs for Customers: Through these programs, the Company offers a range of benefits to its customers, such as discount coupons, promotions, and more.
  • Contact Us: The Company uses your Data to respond to requests / queries you submit indicatively through the Help Desk and the forms of communication.
  • Finding Work: The Company processes your Data to evaluate your qualifications and competencies for the position you are applying for or for another position within the Company as well as for communicating with you in relation to that purpose.
  • Participation in on-line promotions / contests: The Company processes data you fill in to participate in a competition, if you agree to run contests, notify you if you are the winner of the contest and deliver your gift.
  • Participation in on-line market surveys / questionnaires: The Company processes data you fill in for online surveys, for example demographics (age, income, etc.). You can enter all information or anything of your choice. The results of the surveys will only be used to improve the features of our site, your evaluation, and then the improvement of the services provided to you and for no other purpose.

For what purpose do we process your Data?

We collect your Data for the purposes of the products and / or services provided, indicatively for:the evaluation of your request for the submission of a bid and the conclusion of the lease managing the rental of your chosen car, e.g. communication and information about the availability, performance of the contract, the provision of maintenance, bodywork, repair, replacement, vehicle picking etc, the sending of the necessary documents for any products you purchased or the services you have provided, the management of the of your debts to the Company, making refunds compliance with the obligations imposed by applicable law, eg. workers’ tax and insurance legislation controlling, improving and adapting to your preferences and choices regarding our products and / or services, the sending, by e-mail, of information about products and / or services of the Company, customer satisfaction research, promotion of our products and / or services, sending newsletters for our products and / or services.

What is the legal basis for processing your Data from the Company?

Your Data is processed in accordance with: the terms of our contractual relationship, b) your consent, where appropriate, c) the Company’s obligations arising from the law (eg tax, labor, insurance, etc.), d) Our Company.

Who are the recipients of your Data?

ECOMOBILO guarantees that it will not transmit, notify, concede, etc. of your Data to third parties (other than those mentioned herein) for any purpose or use unless this is made mandatory by applicable law or is required by public / judicial bodies / authorities.

Access to Your Data has the absolutely necessary staff of the Company, which is committed to confidentiality, and our affiliated companies that process your Data as a Joint Managing Director or as a Performer Processing on our behalf and in accordance with our orders.

Indicatively, recipients of your Data are: The company that issues the payroll of our Company employees. Our affiliated insurance companies. The users of our brands and systems are collaborating with our Company. Associated travel agencies in terms of car rental. The company’s cooperating with our company provides services for repairing, repainting, maintenance of the vehicles that have been leased to our customers. Companies of auditors who control the financial statements of our Company. Associated companies to provide roadside assistance to drivers using our Company’s vehicles.

How do we ensure that Executives respect your Data?

The Executives on our behalf have agreed and contractually contracted with the Company: to keep confidentiality, not to send your Data to third parties without the permission of the Company, to take appropriate security measures, comply with the legal framework for the protection of personal data, in particular Regulation 679/2016 / EU (otherwise GDPR).

The Executives may, in the performance of their duties, employ other persons who are called Subcontractors. In this case, the controller should have given the authority to handle the data in whole or in part. The consequence of this is that the underwriter has the same obligations and rights as the Performer, as discussed in this Policy and always within the scope of his assigned responsibilities, and to jointly assume responsibility with the Performer.

When do we delete your Data?

We retain your Data only for as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose for which you have communicated your data to us and in compliance with the applicable laws. Your consent to send a newsletter is kept for as long as you receive a newsletter from the Company unless you choose to stop sending it. You submit the CVs you submit via email for work in the Company for two (2) years, unless you declare that you wish to keep them for a short period of time (the minimum time limit you can choose is six months from their submission) or deleting them.

The personal data you provide for your participation in the client privilege programs is deleted when the duration of the program expires, or your exclusion is out of the program or you wish to stop participating in the program as described in the terms of use of the program.

Data processed during your bidding and / or market research will be retained for as long as it is required to complete the contest or research and then deleted. We describe the policy we follow for the Data Collected by Cookies (see more Cookies Policy).