1. Reservation: All bookings are for the particular booking model. In the event that we are unable to provide you with the particular car you booked, we will try to offer you the car of the next highest class without any additional charge. The company reserves the right to provide a different type of car than the original booking depending on availability with a corresponding or larger category.

  2. Car pick-up: Upon receipt of the car, the driver should bring with him the following: • Driving license in force (Greek, European for EU countries or International Driving License accompanied by driving license of the country of his driver car) issued at least 3 years prior to the rental date • Credit card • Passport or ID card. All of the above must show the name of the driver.

  3. Driver Age: The driver and any additional driver listed in the contract must have completed at least 25 years of age for all vehicles.

  4. Payment: Bookings via the website https://www.ecomobilo.gr.com require a credit card to be completed. In order to receive the car, the cardholder’s personal credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners) is required for the pre-approval and payment of the deposit, guarantee and rental payments. Reservations can also be made via a PayPal payment mechanism. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

  5. Cancellations / Non-show: Cancellations are accepted at no extra cost, provided they will be made up to 14 days prior to the scheduled start of the rental. In the event of cancellation notification received by EcoMobilo less than 14 days prior to the scheduled rental of the vehicle in accordance with reservations made at this booking machine, no penalty payment will be given.

  6. Reservation Changes: Reservation can only be made by phone at 2821043409 and will re-calculate the price according to the availability of the vehicles and the applicable price list at the time of the change. Change of payer name, credit card number or car category is not possible. In this case, the original booking should be canceled and a new reservation must be made. If the lessee wishes to extend the lease, he is required to notify the Lessor 24 hours prior to the original return agreement and to receive explicit and written acceptance.

  7. Early Return: In the case of return of the car earlier than the date shown in the reservation and the lease contract does not entail a refund.

  8. Late Return: Upon expiration of the agreed rental, a grace period for the return of the car is activated up to 60 minutes without any charge. Upon expiration of the above grace period, the tenant will be charged at least with the cost of renting an extra day.

  9. Deliveries-Receipts: There is no charge for intra-city delivery and pickup. For off-premises deliveries and arrivals, it is possible to arrange it. Each request is granted on a case-by-case basis.

  10. Traffic offenses fines: Fines and any other consequences of breaches of the High Way Code are charged entirely and exclusively by the renter of the car. The tenant assumes full responsibility for road traffic offenses and pays the corresponding fines.

  11. Smoking: No smoking inside the rented vehicle. In the event of an offense, the tenant must pay the cost of the Disinfection Service amounting to € 50.

  12. Return in unacceptable situation: If the car is returned to an extremely (abnormally) dirty condition, the Lessee is obliged to pay the cleaning service cost of € 50.00.

  13. Mileage: Prices include free miles.

  14. Additional Driver / Drivers: The Lessor’s vehicle is only permitted to be driven by additional drivers (at least over 25 years of age) listed in the front of the contract. The daily charge for use of the car by extra drivers is € 10.00 (VAT included) per day and per driver.

  15. Loss of key: In case of a lost key there will be an extra charge of 220 € (plus VAT).

  16. Geographical Restrictions: Transport of the vehicle outside Crete is only possible with the written consent of “EcoMobilo P.C”

  17. Fuel Policy: The renter is obliged to return the car with the same amount of fuel he received. Otherwise, the value of the missing fuel will be charged. No refund is given if the car is returned with more fuel than was received.

  18. Insurance cover: All our Vehicles are insured with Collision Damage Waiver insurance programs with the following coverages: Third Party Liability (3PL) in the event of bodily harm to third parties (including the occupants of the Vehicle, other than the driver) during the Vehicle’s circulation. Personal Accident (PAI) of the Authorized Drivers of the Vehicle in the event of an accident occurring while the Authorized Driver is inside the leased Vehicle. Material Damages of the leased Vehicle in case of fire damage, explosion, terrorist acts, stops, strikes, total or partial theft, accessories theft, same damages, material damage from uninsured vehicle, natural disasters and glass breakage. Liability exempt CDW (included in rental prices): Your liability for damage to the leased Vehicle or total / partial theft is limited to the amount of liability: A prerequisite is that the lessee has accepted and signed the relevant terms of the lease. The lessee is required to pay the amount of liability / discharge (see Lease Contract) in the event of damage and to submit a completed and signed Accident Report.

  19. Damages that are not covered by Insurance Company and caused by: negligence of the lessee or under the influence of drunkenness or violation of High Way Code or have used wrong fuel. In addition, damage to the tires, the underside of the vehicle, theft of personal items or damages that may be caused during transportation on a vessel when the car is driven on off road, in water, sand and damage to the interior of the vehicle are not covered by the Insurance policy.

  20. Roadside assistance: Roadside accident assistance – All Help 24/7 service 210-9958600